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Early Years

The Early Years Team at Bridgewater Park is committed to providing children with the best possible start to school life, providing children opportunities to follow their interests to ensure future success. Through our specially curated curriculum tailored to cater for both Nursery and Reception, we aim to prepare our children for KS1 through a variety of different means. The first of which is creating a highly aspirational curriculum, aimed at providing children with the foundational knowledge they will require as they progress throughout their educational careers. Careful consideration is given to ensuring that all of the key knowledge that the children will require as they progress into first reception and then KS1 is covered in a meaningful and accessible way – more information on this can be found in our stepping stones document and in our long and medium term plans. Both our long and medium term plans are subject to change as we aim as much as possible to follow the children’s interests and adapt our curriculum where necessary to ensure it is suitable for each individual cohort.

Our team take pride in creating well-planned and resourced lessons and activities intended to promote progression and engagement. Our lessons are characterised by enthusiasm and are carefully planned to effectively retrieve and build upon prior learning. We take steps to promote progression of learners of all abilities the ensuring efficient scaffolds and challenges are implemented as and when needed. Our provision enhancements change regularly to reflect weekly themes and the children’s interests, allowing for a more learner-led approach to learning.  We pride ourselves on our quality interactions, creating a language-rich environment which allows our pupils to flourish.

Our school values of Kindness, Integrity and Tenacity are embedded into all that we do in EYFS as not only do we aim to prepare our students academically for the next stages in their life, but we also make it our mission to develop our students into the best versions of themselves through providing them with a safe, inspiring and positive environment. We strive to ensure our children are happy, enthusiastic and confident learners with aspirations to excel in whatever they choose to do.

Children are encouraged to investigate, take risks, play, discover and create with each and every small achievement being celebrated as we endeavour to foster a love of learning.

Our wonderful HLTA Miss Lee runs weekly Forest School sessions with the children. Forest School is a holistic and learner-led curriculum with allows the children to develop themselves through healthy engagement with risk, problem-solving and self-discovery, all within the natural environment in a hands-on and thoughtful manner. No matter the weather, you will find our Early Years children outside enjoying the great outdoors, whether it be splashing in muddy puddles or tending to their plants and vegetables in our very own garden.

At Bridgewater Park, we know that children develop quickly in the early years and a child’s experiences between birth and age five have a major impact on their future life chances. So it is essential that every child receives that best possible start in life and is given the support that enables them to fulfil their potential.