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Curriculum Overview January 2023- July 2023

Term/Year Group

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1/2

History: Toys through time


DT: Leavers and Sliders



Science: Everyday materials

Geography: The Geography of our School/Where are we in the UK?


Art: Textiles- Wax Resist- Henry Moore


Science: Plants

History: Holidays from the Past


DT: Freestanding Leavers and Sliders



Science: The Animal World

Geography: Why Different Weather?


Art: Collage- abstract – Mural/movement- Henry Matise


Science: Environmental Science

Year 3/4

History: Stone Age



DT: Food- healthy and varied diet



Science: Light and Shadows

Geography:  Naples



Art: Textiles- weaving



Science: Structure and Function of Plants

History: Ancient Egypt


DT: Mechanisms- wheels and axels



Science: Rocks

Geography:  Rural and Urban UK


Art: Collage and photography


Science: Environmental Science

Year 5/6

History: Romans & Anglo Saxons: What did they do for me?


DT: Mechanical Systems- gears, pulleys and leavers



Science: Properties of Materials

Geography:  Trade Across the Globe



Art: Textiles- Batik



Science: Earth and Space

History: The Vikings



DT: Food- healthy and varied diet



Science: Environmental Science

Geography:  Brazil



Art: Collage and digital media printing



Science: Lifecycles and Reproduction