The Heath Family Academy Trust

The Heath Family Multi Academy Trust is centred on raising standards of achievement and aspirations for all students to the highest standard by developing and nurturing both primary and secondary academies. We will be part of a local strategy to increase choice and diversity in education encompassing innovative approaches to curriculum, teaching and learning, leadership and management. We will place an emphasis on talent management, developing leaders and enhanced professional development for all staff. We will extend our impact in terms of raising standards of education for more young people and help break the cycle of underachievement and low aspirations which is a feature of significant parts of the Merseyside and Cheshire area. 

Our values

  • We recognise that everyone is of equal worth and has a valuable contribution to make

  • We work collaboratively, sharing good ideas and best practice.

  • We are concerned at all times for our own health and safety and that of others.

  • We seek ways always to remain positive, enthusiastic and optimistic about our work and to promote all that we do well within our local community.

  • We recognise staff and students as individual learners whom we shall support to develop high levels of skill and understanding and to keep abreast of leading edge practice.


Our STUDENTS will:

•       achieve high expectations

•       understand and celebrate the diversity of their community

•       develop resilience and a love of learning

•       take an important role in being a positive impact on their community.


Our staff will:

•       dedicate themselves to achieving the best outcomes for all students

•       have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities and be accountable for their impact

•       develop their skills and knowledge in pursuit of the highest standards

•       work together to develop outstanding practice

•       be committed to lifelong learning

•       deploy their resources to secure best value and high outcomes for students

•       adopt robust ways of tracking the progress of students

•       be committed to achieving sustainable improvement.

•       set high expectations for learning and expect all students to achieve challenging targets

"Together in the Business of Learning…"

If you would like to get in touch then please contact:

Mr David Donnelly, Chief Executive Officer

Mrs Trish Roberts, Company Secretary and PA to the Executive Principal 
Email: or telephone: 0151 214 3445

Postal address: c/o Palace Fields Primary School, Badger Close, Palace Fields, Runcorn, WA7 2QW



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