Special Education Needs Code of Practice provides guidance to schools and parents about meeting the needs of pupils.  Staff in school will work with parent/carers guiding them and informing them of any additional work they may need to do to support children and identify their strengths.  If they need additional help, they will be assessed in school.


The government have issued guidance for parents and carers covering of SEND areas offered by Halton. Please click on the link below 


People who may support children with Additional Needs


Co-ordinates all SEN provision across school

Class Teachers

They will always make sure that appropriate work is given to your child to meet their needs and ability

Teaching Assistants

They support your children in class and also offer additional support through Maths, Literacy, Phonics, Life skills support.


Will come into school to carry out assessments for children who have additional needs.

Speech and Language Therapist

Works regularly in school and can tell you if your child needs additional assessment or support.

Outreach Support

We work with agencies who specialise in children with additional needs and they can provide us with help and resources.



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