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This year we continue to invest in McKie Mastery Power Teaching approach across the whole curriculum. McKie Mastery is a Power Teaching and Learning model which retrains teachers to radically change the standard teaching approach and strategies in schools across the UK. 

McKie Mastery delivers leadership training which equips leaders to retrain all staff to deliver more effectively in the classroom using a very different approach. 

McKie Mastery is about the how we teach not the what we teach. It is not : Resources or single gimmick activities. It is : Radical change in the way teachers teach, children learn and leaders lead. It has a proven to work, solid track record in radically improving school results and inspection outcomes as well as maintaining outstanding practice and results in schools across the country.

Please contact Claire McKie directly cjmckie@outlook.com or Grange Park Primary School Grange.Park.

Primary@schools.sunderland.gov.uk (UK Lead school) to find out more.


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