Our Behaviour System

Our behaviour system has been derived from our 7 golden rules:

  1. We will be the best we can be.
  2. We will tell the truth.
  3. We will treat everyone with respect.
  4. We will be polite and courteous to everyone.
  5. We will look after property.
  6. We will listen and follow instructions carefully.
  7. We will seek to be a good role model to other people.


These rules are displayed around the school, and are rewards with dojos when demonstrated. Children collate their dojos across the half term and then get the opportunity to spend them in our dojo shop. There are lots of different prizes to buy ranges from 10 dojo  - 100 dojos.

Within class and around school children are also encouraged to use Core Power 5 Core learning behaviours. These behaviours are rewarded with team points. At the end of each week team captains add up their points and the team who has made the most progess in their points are awards as team winners of that week. These behaviours are linked to McKie Mastery Power Teaching approach. Please see our 'Curriculum' page to find out more information.



Alongside these reward systems we also do not tolerate poor behaviour as stated in our behaviour policy. Therefore we have introduced an effective clould system whereby all children aim to stay on the sun all day. If this is achieved they recieve a dojo. If this isn't achieved, due to one or more of the golden rules being broken then children will move on the cloud system and could, if poor behaviour continues receive a reflection 1 or 2. If a child has improved behaviour then they will move back onto the sun. For more information please refer to our behaviour policy attached below and or our behviour and consequences document.


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