Admissions Arrangement for Bridgewater Park

We encourage applications to be made either through the School's office. Applications can be received at any time throughout the year.

All applications must be filled in by the child's parent/carer and we ask that you provide any supporting information about your child and family needs that you feel will determine what place is available for your child.

Requesting a place and completing an application form does not necessarily confirm that a place will be offered. 

Please see the 'New Starters Form' attached below.


Children with Additional Needs

We are committed to providing equality of opportunity, and to meeting the needs of individual children in accordance with the Children with Disabilities Act 2002.

Where children with additional needs are admitted, we will liase with the other agencies concerned to ensure that the child can access the curriculum and receives appropriate support where this is necessary.


Admission Arrangements to High School:

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