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Assessment builds the foundations of everything that we do here at Bridgewater Park Primary School. Our vision is simple 'An aspirational community working together to exceed expectations'. We truly believe in giving each and every child the opportunity to not only meet expectations but to also exceed expectations. We use various assessment systems, both formative and summative to monitor pupil progress and ensure that we are closing gaps through specific, quality first teaching. 

We use NFER assessments at 3 data points throughout the year, this allows us to complete a gap analysis to look at areas where pupils are thriving and areas where pupils need further support. We are then able to adapt our teaching to address such gaps in learning. We also use TPG's (Tracking Pupil Progress Grids) in Reading, Writing and Maths, this forms part of our ongoing formative assessments and allows us to track which pupils have mastered certain skills and which pupils need further intervention, whether that be through quality first teaching strategies or bolt on intervention support. 

Pupil progress meetings are held on a half-term basis, which is a conversation between class teachers and members of the senior leadership team to hone in on pupil progress, from this we are able to pinpoint specific children who may need extra support.