Year 5/6 2018 - 2019

Mrs Bolton

Vice Principal

Mrs Moseley

KS2 Teacher

Mrs Bethell


Miss Jones

1:1 TA Support

Welcome to Class Tropicana!

General Class Information

  • Reading - please read at home every night with your child and sign their reading diary. Your child will earn themselves 1 dojo every time they read at home!
  • P.E..  lessons are every Friday. This half term it is invasion, please bring your P.E.. kit and suitable shoes as some lessons will take place outside weather permitting.
  • Snack money is due in every Monday. 


This half term we have a lot of exciting things going on: the dojo shop, invasion games, attendance activities, Safety Central visit, World Book Day, Red Nose Day, Easter Fayre, Mock SATs Week, Professor Fluffy, Kingswood residential, MFL enrichment week and a disco! 


Our topic this half term is 'World War 2' which will focus on children developing their history knowledge and understanding of key events in British history. They will learn about the Blitz, compare their life now to life in the 1940's and the causes of the war. Below is a detailed topic web. 



  • Calculate the cost and time it would take to evacuate two children to suitable places by using train websites.
  • Create a message using code and see if your friend can work it out.
  • Work out how long it would take to row from Dover to France and what the quickest route would be.


Children will look at responsibilities as a citizen and playing an active role.

Special objects- fill a suitcase with objects which may have meaning to a child going away- consider reasons why they might take these things.

Link to emotions /feelings   



Non Fiction Writing – Write a biography about Winston Churchill. Read diary entries from Anne Frank and summarise information being given.


Poetry Writing – Children will look at poems about the ‘Blitz’ and create their own using personification.


Fiction Writing – Write a letter/postcard home as an evacuee during WW2.


  • Explain why WW2 began and order events on a timeline.
  • Learn about the similarities and differences of what life was like in WW2 England to the present day.
  • Research the history of lighthouses.
  • Use historical terminology when learning about key events which took place during WW2 e.g... The Blitz.

World War 2


  • Children will create an Anderson shelter choosing appropriate resources and materials. Children will research how and why they were used during WW2.
  • Children will create wax resist Blitz pictures.
  • Make some war time recipes focusing on rationing.

Science – Electricity

  • Children will investigate the angles of incidence and reflection to understand that light travels in straight lines.
  • Children will explain that objects are seen because they give out or reflect light into the eye by creating a periscope and explaining how it works.
  • Explain why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them by performing a shadow puppet show.


  • Children will develop their knowledge and use of the internet as a research tool.
  • Design a website linked to World War 2.


  • Locate countries that were allies and axis on a World map.
  • Use a map of England and find several suitable places to evacuate children to during the war.
  • Identify features on aerial photographs as if you were a pilot.



SATs week is quickly approaching and we would like Year 6 pupils to continue to use their revision books at home along with the websites below:





Files to Download

Year 5/6: Gallery items

World Book Day, by Mrs Bolton

Visit to Farm Urban, by Mrs Platt

Year 5/6: Events items

Easter Fayre, by Ms Horan

Mock SATs Week, by Mrs Bolton

MFL Enrichment Week, by Mrs Bolton