Year 5/6 2018 - 2019

Ms Horan

Phase 2 Lead

Mrs Moseley

KS2 Teacher

Mrs Bethell


Miss Jones

1:1 TA Support

Welcome to Class Tropicana!

Miss Horan, Mrs Moseley, Mrs Bethell and Miss Jones are really enjoying teaching Year 5/6 and have done lots of fun, exciting activities so far this year from a team building day at The Crocky Trail to creating fossils and Viking Longships!

Our topic this half term is 'South America', which will focus on children developing their geography skills including maps skills, human and physical features and climate conditions. Please see the topic web below for more details.  


We'll be using this website to share lots of information with children and parents, including galleries showcasing our learning, letters and calendar dates. 



  • Children will look at populations of countries and main cities, making observations of growth or decline.
  • Children will compare temperatures of different regions.
  • Children will research he percentage of the area each country takes up within the continent.
  • They will produce South American country’s flags using accurate angles and measurements.


Children will be looking and learning about their dreams and goals.

They will Identify own learning strengths, set goals for oneself, work cooperatively with others and recognise own achievements.



Non Fiction Writing – Children will choose a specific country located in South America and create travel brochure on it.
Poetry Writing – Children will prepare poems to perform aloud, identifying figurative language.

 Fiction Writing – Children will write a persuasive letter explaining why they should not cut down the trees. (Pongo)


  • Choose a country in SA and explore – places, people, etc.
  • Discover how the rainforest effects our climate and look at how it has changed (deforestation)

South America


Children will create their own ‘Mola’ art work after researching and learning about this style.

Children will focus on the skills of printing and collage, looking carefully at the work of South American artist Beatriz Milhaze.

Science – Living Things and thier Habitats

  • Children will classify living things based on characteristics.
  • Research similarities and differences of animals, plants and micro-organisms.
  • Children will research the different characteristics of animals and plants and will sort accordingly.


  • Children will develop their knowledge and use of the internet as a research tool.
  • Children will use google maps to locate and describe South America.
  • Children will develop their film making skills, recording their poetry performances on IMovie. 


  • Children will locate on a map the continent and the countries it holds.
  • Children will research the physical and human features of the landscape
  • Children will learn about the different trades and industries in the countries
  • They will research the different climate conditions of the regions.

Files to Download

Year 5/6: Gallery items

The Crocky Trail, by Ms Horan

Fossils, by Ms Horan

Viking Longships, by Ms Horan

Year 5/6: Events items

Year 5/6 Swimming , by Ms Horan

Year 5/6 Swimming , by Ms Horan

Christmas Fayre, by Ms Horan