Year 5/6 2018 - 2019

Mrs Bolton

Vice Principal

Mrs Moseley

KS2 Teacher

Mrs Bethell


Miss Jones

1:1 TA Support

Welcome to Class Tropicana!

General Class Information

  • Reading - please read at home every night with your child and sign their reading diary. Your child will earn themselves 1 dojo everytime they read at home!
  • P.E  lessons every Friday. This half term it is gymnastics, please bring your P.E kit.
  • Snack money is due in every Monday. 


This half term we have lots going on such as: the dojo shop, gymnastics, attendance activities, Daresbury Labs visit, Art enrichment week and a disco! 


Our topic this half term is 'The Wonderful World of Water' which will focus on children developing their geography skills including maps skills, their knowledge and understanding of the water cycle, water usage in the UK and parts and course of a river.  Below is a detailed topic web. 



  • Compare the value of tap water to bottled water.
  • Estimate, measure & calculate amounts of water in practical water-saving contexts.
  • Consider ways to reduce water consumption in the home and make financial savings and how those savings could be used.


Respecting differences - find out about children who live in African countries. Consider their use & experience of water and compare with own.  

Look at recycling, reduction and reusing, as well as the impact humans have of the planet - water pollution   



Non Fiction Writing – Create a fact file about the water cycle, with labeled images.

Poetry Writing – Look and create calligrams and shape poems related to water and the water cycle.

Fiction Writing – Write a persuasive letter/leaflet encouraging people to cut down on the use of plastics - end up in the sea, danger to the environment and animals.


  • Discover how the river erodes, transports and deposits materials to produce particular landscape features.
  • Research a local river using maps, photos and the internet. 
  • Understand how water can be wasted and how its usage has changed over time.

The Wonderful World of Water


  • Children will create their own water cycle model using the information they have found out in this topic.
  • Children will look at Claude Monet and his use of watercolours, creating different tones and shades with water.

Science – Electricity

  •  Children will create their own circuit then draw a diagram using correct symbols
  • Children will compare variations of the function of components.
  • Look at the impact of electricity today.


  • Children will develop their knowledge and use of the internet as a research tool.
  • Children will use PowerPoint to present river project.
  • Use excel to create surveys, graphs and pie charts


  • Children will use a map and atlas to locate major rivers in the UK
  • Research the main parts and course of the river system.
  • Locate geographical features and symbols using grid references.
  • Learn about the water cycle and its importance on our planet.
  • Investigate how water is stored, treated and used in the UK, then compare to our water usage to water usage and availability in Kenya.



SATs week is quickly approaching and we would like to invite Year 6 parents to an information evening on Monday 21st January @ 4pm to find out what the SATs week entails, what we are doing as a school to prepare for it and how you can help at home.  

Below are some websites your child can access to support with their learning:





Files to Download

Year 5/6: Gallery items

Year 5/6 Mola Artwork , by Ms Horan

The Crocky Trail, by Ms Horan

Fossils, by Ms Horan

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