Year 5/6 2018 - 2019

Mrs Bolton

Vice Principal

Mrs Moseley

KS2 Teacher

Mrs Bethell


Miss Jones

1:1 TA Support

Welcome to Class Tropicana!

General Class Information

  • Reading - please read at home every night with your child and sign their reading diary. Your child will earn themselves 1 dojo every time they read at home!
  • P.E..  lessons are every Friday. This half term it is invasion, please bring your P.E.. kit and suitable shoes as some lessons will take place outside weather permitting.
  • Snack money is due in every Monday. 


This half term we have more exciting things going on: the dojo shop, invasion games, attendance activities, the book fair, Year 6 SATs and a disco! 


Our topic this half term is 'Natural Disasters' which will focus on children developing their physical geography, including climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts, rivers, mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. Below is a detailed topic web. 



  • Understand how the strength of an Earthquake is measured.
  • Compare temperatures inside and outside of a volcano.
  • Create a graph or chart showing results of data collected from measuring the temperature and wind speed over a period of time.


Health and Safety – how children can keep themselves safe. What advice can they give others for keeping safe?

Talk about ways to cope with life-changing situations.

Understand the need for humanitarian agencies.


Non Fiction Writing – Write a letter persuading people to donate to a charity that helps with the aftermath of a natural disaster. Design a poster to show people what to do during a natural disaster.

Poetry Writing – Children to create a narrative poem based around a natural disaster.

Fiction Writing – Children will create a newspaper report and give an eye witness account of a disaster


  • Research Mount Vesuvius and learn about what happened in Pompeii.
  • Use primary and secondary resources selectively to research natural disasters from the past.
  • Discuss why people and events from a particular time in the past were important

Natural Disasters


  • Children will create their own volcanoes and then will produce a piece of art work from this.
  • Blend pastels, chalks and watercolours to show the effects of a hurricane or tsunami.

Science – Animals including Humans

  • Identify, name and describe the functions of the heart, lung, blood vessels and blood.
  • Research the impact of diet and exercise on the body and explain the effects.
  • Create a healthy lifestyle brochure.


  • Use a video camera to film a news report about a disaster.
  • Use the IPad to create a pic collage of some of the natural disasters we will study.


  • Use maps, atlases and compass to locate countries where significant natural disasters occurred.
  • Investigate how weather plays its part in natural disasters.
  • Describe the physical processes of a natural disaster and discuss the impact on people and the landscape.
  • Compare local area with a contrasting area which is prone to natural disasters.
  • Investigate climate around the world linking to certain natural disasters and develop an understanding of climate zones and biomes.



SATs week is quickly approaching and we would like Year 6 pupils to continue to use their revision books at home along with the websites below:





Files to Download

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