Year 5/6 2019 - 2020

Mrs Platt


Hello Blue Class!

I hope you are all staying safe and doing well. I know this is a really difficult time for all of you not being able to see friends and family but this will not be forever, you will be back around everyone soon! 

Each Monday by 3pm I will be updating the boxes below with new tasks for you to complete. I have uploaded lots of these on to seesaw so you can share your work with me and each other. So keep checking back on a Monday!

To get the seesaw QR code please can parents check the dojo app, I have put it on there. If you are not on the dojo app parents please email: and I will get it emailed to you ASAP. I cannot upload it on to the website for safeguarding reasons.

Stay Safe! Mrs Platt x


You have been set new tasks on Manga High and a TTrockstars challenge so added below are three days of Maths work for you.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:





























Manga High/TTRockstars/Seesaw

Manga High is a Maths website that you have been set up on. I will assign you new tasks each week. You can access it here:

Your login is your first and last name with no hyphens or spaces.

Your password is your first name.

So Fred Bloggs would be:

Username: fredbloggs

Password: fred

The school ID is 451978

Please login and complete the tasks (and sometimes games you have been set!) This is new so we will see if the amount set is too much or too little and adjust.


There will be a new challenge set every Monday so make sure you log in!

This week it is Year 5/6 vs Year 4/5!

Don't forget you can challenge me too!


We have used seesaw a lot in class recently. You can access it here

  1. Open the Seesaw class app or webpage
  2. Tap Login or “I’m a student”.
  3. Tap the blue “scan code” button and scan the QR for the class. (this has been posted on the dojo site. If you are not on there please email me. My email is on the contact us page on the website or at the top of the page.
  4. 1:1 students choose their name from the list, shared device students are ready to make a post!
  5. Upload your work to the assigned activities

Please upload your Literacy, spellings and creative tasks. Bailey misses reading your literacy work and it will keep him entertained so he doesn't destroy anymore of the garden!

























Each week we will be using a video story to work from. This week it is called 'Catch It'

You can watch the video here:

Your tasks should be completed and uploaded to seesaw. You can either put up a picture or type on to the app directly, whatever is easiest. I think there is even an audio option if you wanted to read it to me!

Your tasks are:

Monday -  Write a setting description of the African Plains. Think carefully about the expanded noun phrases you can use. Three paragraphs: see, hear, smell.

Tuesday-   Research meerkats to plan a factfile there are some useful websites here

Wednesday - Create your factile either by printing the template at the bottom of the page or by writing out the headings in your book.

Thursday -   Create a storyboard using the template below to outline the key parts of the story in role as one of the meerkats. Add descriptions around the storyboard.

Friday -  Use your storyboard to rewrite the story in role as one of the meerkats. Think carefully about adding lots of your SPaG objectives e.g. semi colons, colons, parenthesis, relative clauses, expanded noun phrases and different fronted adverbials.


















































Below you will find your spelling words for the week.

Please find these words in the dictionary if you have one at home or google the definitions and upload your answers to seesaw.











































This week your creative task is to use the Ikea link below to have some family fun!

The link below has a range of different forts you can make using things at home. Sorry for the mess already parents! The links show Ikea furniture but just use what you have! There are six styles to choose from or create your own. Get some snacks to take in and have a story in there with your family.

Upload them on to seesaw when you are finished :)

























































Attached is a short text and some questions to read through and answer. Rember to think carefully about the sentence stems so your answers are in full sentences!




























Files to Download

Year 5/6: Gallery items

Year 5/6: Events items

Family Colour Run, by Mrs Bolton

Non-Uniform Day, by Mrs Bolton

Summer Fayre, by Mrs Bolton