Year 4/5 2019 - 2020

Mrs Moseley

KS2 Teacher

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the Green class! Our teacher is Mrs Moseley. Mrs Moseley enjoys teaching us lots of different subjects, her favourites are Maths and Art.

This half term we have lots of exciting things happening such as a trip to Halton Lea Library, Our Christmas Play, Our Christmas disco and our weekly attendance raffle. 


Key Information about Our Class:

  • PE is every Monday with Mr Green 

  • Children should be heard read every night and bring their reading book to school every day 


Have a look at what we are up to this half term ..

Geography - Know your Place

  • Know where the equator, Topic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn and the Greenwich Meridian are on a world map and where Runcorn lies within these.
  • Know and label the main features of Runcorn/Castlefields.
  • Know why most cities are located by a river (Liverpool River Mersey)
  • Know what makes a village, town and city and what features they need to have.
  • Know the name of and locate the river Mersey compared to another river.
  • Know how to use a four figure grid reference.
  • Use a range of sources of learn about our local area – Runcorn/Castlefields.



Art – Street Collage

Using Sketchbooks

  • Know how to integrate digital images into artwork.
  • Use sketchbooks to experiment with different texture.
  • Use photographs to help create reflections.
  • Use ideas from other people when designing


  • Know how to create facial expressions and body language.
  • Know how to use marks and lines to    add texture.
  • Know how to use line, tone and shape to represent figures and show reflections.
  • Evaluate and suggest improvements for a design.          

Science – Animals including Humans

  • Identify and name the parts of the human digestive system.
  • Know the functions of the organs in the human digestive system.
  • Identify and know the different types of teeth that humans have.
  • Know the functions of different human teeth.
  • Use and construct food chains to identify producers, predators and prey.

P.E. - Gymnastics

  • Move in a controlled  way

  • Include change of speed and direction in a sequence

  • Work with a partner to create, repeat and improve a sequence with at least three phases

  • Develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance

  • Compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.

PSHE – Celebrating Differences

  •  I can tell you a time when my impression of someone changed as I got to know them
  • I can explain why it is good to accept people for who they are

*Anti-Bullying Week*


  • Remember the Christmas story and talk about some of the symbols in the Christmas story.
  • Talk about what some of the symbols in the Christmas story mean to Christians.
  • Identify what Christmas means to Christians and compare this with what it means to me.
  • Explain how many aspects of the Christmas story reflect the Christian belief that Jesus is the Incarnation of God.




















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