Year 3 2018 - 2019

Mr Morgan

KS2 Teacher

Mrs Dand


Welcome to The Daring Dragons Class!

Mr Morgan and Mrs Dand are really excited to be teaching Year 3 and have a fantastic year full of interesting topics planned! We are currently looking at the topic of 'Flow' and in particular looking at famous rivers from around the world and how they are formed and structured.


We'll be using this website to share lots of information with children and parents, including galleries showcasing our learning, letters and calendar dates. 



Children will look at measuring the capacity of different liquids and waters.

  • Children will look at rounding measurements of capacity accurately.
  • Children will look at calculating the length and distances of rivers all around the world.



Children will be looking at having respect for the environment that they live in and how they can have an impact on the environment.





  • Non-fiction-  Children will be creating an explanation text of how the water cycle works
  • Description- children will be creating a poster to persuade people to save their chosen river.
  • Poetry- children will be creating a Haiku poem based around rivers.
  • History

  • Children will be looking at what rivers have been used for in the past and are now used for in the present day.
  • Children will be looking at how rivers have changed over the years.




Children will be studying the artist Monet, researching his style and famous pieces of art work he has produced.

  • Children will look at creating a watercolour painting on lakes.

Science – plants

  • Children will be looking at what different plants grow by rivers
  • Children will be looking at different plants and how they can store water (transpiration).
  • Children will be looking at pollution and the effects it has on rivers and living things around them.
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Children will be researching all about rivers.

  • Children will create a presentation to share based on a chosen river.


  • Children will look at why people settle by rivers, looking at key positives and negatives for living close to a river.
  • Children will look at creating a study on the river Mersey.
  • Children will look at the structure of rivers and how rivers are formed.
  • Children will look at researching the world’s major rivers and looking at their location and key features.
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Files to Download

Year 3: Gallery items

World Book Day, by Mrs Bolton

The Crocky Trail, by Ms Horan

Year 3: Events items

Easter Fayre, by Ms Horan

MFL Enrichment Week, by Mrs Bolton

Science School Trip , by Mrs Brown