Year 3 2018 - 2019

Mr Morgan

KS2 Teacher

Mrs Dand


Welcome to The Daring Dragons Class!

Mr Morgan and Mrs Dand are really excited to be teaching Year 3 and have a fantastic year full of interesting topics planned! We are currently looking at the topic of 'The Angry Earth' where children will be looking at exploring different volcanoes and earthquakes from around the world and how they are constructed. During this term we will be doing lots of exciting activities including creating our own volcanoes that we will erupt!


We'll be using this website to share lots of information with children and parents, including galleries showcasing our learning, letters and calendar dates. 


  • Children will be looking at plotting the strength of volcanoes on graphs using the richter scale to support them.


  • Children will look at the British Value of Democracy and its birthplace of Athens.




Non-Fiction: How to survive the Stone Age guide.

  • Narrative: Narrative based on the book stone age boy.
  • Poetry: Concrete poem.
Children will describe the lives of hunters and gatherers and the animals they hunted.
  • Children will study stone age homes (roundhouses)
  • Children will learn from artefacts and a range of historical sources deducing and inferring information about the past.

The Stone Age



  • This half term children will create their own exploding volcanoes using paper mache techniques and a range of painting skills. 

Science – Light

  • Children will look at a range of materials and explain why they are best suited to particular jobs.
  • Children will focus on different metal types which were used for stone age weapons and how they change if they are heated and moulded.



Children will use the program brushes to recreate cave paintings


  • Children will locate Stone Henge and Skara Brae on a map of the United Kingdom.
  • Children will describe hill forts and why they were built in particular places.
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Files to Download

Year 3: Gallery items

The Crocky Trail, by Ms Horan

Year 3: Events items

Junior Disco , by Ms Horan

Half Term , by Ms Horan