Year 3 2018 - 2019

Mr Morgan

KS2 Teacher

Mrs Dand


Welcome to The Daring Dragons Class!

Mr Morgan and Mrs Dand are really excited to be teaching Year 3 and have a fantastic year full of interesting topics planned! This begins with our first topic, 'The Groovy Greeks', which focuses on greek artefacts, the daily life  and comparing Greece now and then.


We'll be using this website to share lots of information with children and parents, including galleries showcasing our learning, letters and calendar dates. 



  • Olympic Maths – Children will complete a range of Olympic events. Children will then collate data and create time problems and present their data in different ways.
  • Children will order dates and answer worded problems to find the differences between dates when they are placed in chronological order.


  • Children will look at the British Value of Democracy and its birthplace of Athens.


  • Non-Fiction: Olympic report, Newspaper article on Hercules, report on Ancient Greek Civilizations.
  • Narrative: Own story about a myth and legend.
  • Poetry: Kenning poem for a variety of Greek Gods.
  • Descriptive: Advert to be a Spartan.


  • Children will observe and excavate a variety of Greek Artefacts and make inferences on what life was like in the past.
  • Children will compare similarities and differences between Greece then and now.
  • Children will study the Greek ways of life and compare these with their own lives.

Groovy Greeks


  • This half term children will create their own pots by sculpting clay. They will then design and create their own Greek Pattern using a range of mediums.

Science – Light

  • Children will be researching the links between light and the Greeks and finding out how the sundial was created.
  • Children will look at reflection and refraction and why they need to protect their eyes.
  • Children will then investigate shadows and how they are formed when light is blocked.


  • Research – Find information on Ancient Greece and how life has changed.
  • Use Microsoft Excel to input Olympic data and create graphs.


  • Children will be able to locate Europe on a map of the world and then locate Greece on a map of Europe.
  • Children will look at the features of Greece including landscape, famous landmarks and the different regions.
  • Children will look at how Greece’s landscape has changed over time.

Files to Download

Year 3: Gallery items

The Crocky Trail, by Ms Horan

Year 3: Events items

Christmas Fayre, by Ms Horan

Christmas Dinner, by Ms Horan

Junior Disco, by Ms Horan