Year 2/3 2019 - 2020

Mrs Molloy

Science Co-ordinator
KS1 Class Teacher

Mrs Hopkinson


Miss Read

School Direct Student Teacher

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the YELLOW class! Our teacher is Mrs Molloy.
This half term we have lots of exciting things happening such as the dojo shop, using the active boards on the playground and our weekly attendance raffle. 
Key Information about Our Class:
  • PE is every Thursday with Mr Green and Tuesday with Mrs Molloy
  • Children should be heard read every night and bring their reading book to school every day
  • Homework will be set on a Monday and is due in on a Friday 

Have a look at what we are up to this half term ..

History- famous for more than 5 minutes

  • I will know who Neil Armstrong is
  • I will know why Neil Armstrong is important
  • I can list significant events from Neil Armstrong’s life
  • I can order key events from Neil Armstrong’s life on a timeline
  • I can explain how space travel has changed from the past to the present by looking as a range of sources
  • I can list key space travel events which have occurred since Neil Armstrong
  • I can describe international and national space travel achievements
  • I can list what we have learnt from Neil Armstrong’s achievements
  • I can recount my knowledge and understand of Neil Armstrong’s life


Art- Printing (Paul Klee)

  • I can identify the primary and secondary colours and create my own secondary colours.
  • I can use black and white paints to create tints and tones.
  • I will know how Paul Klee uses pattern, colour and shape and annotate his work in his sketch book.
  • I can explore patterns based on Paul Klee’s art work and record it in my sketch book.
  • I can create my own print using pressing and stamping.
  • I can identify what I might change in my print colour choice or pattern and use this to inform my future work.
  • I can create a piece of artwork in response to Paul Klee’s artwork.


  • Use the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes
  • Understand where food comes from

Science – Forces and magnets

  • Know about and describe how objects move on different surfaces
  • Know how a simple pulley works and is used to make lifting an object simpler
  • Know how some forces require contact and some do not, giving examples
  • Know about and explain how objects attract and repel in relation to objects and other magnets
  • Predict whether magnets will attract or repel and give a reason

P.E. Striking and fielding

  • Show awareness of opponents and team-mates when playing games;
  • Perform basic skills of rolling, striking and kicking with more confidence;
  • Apply these skills in a variety of simple games;
  • Be able to throw and catch a ball with a team member;
  • Know and understand the term intercept;
  • Make choices about appropriate targets, space and equipment;
  • Use a variety of simple tactics;
  • Describe how their bodies work and feel when playing games;
  • Work well with a partner and in a small group to improve their skills;
  • Be able to catch a moving ball
  • Be aware of space and use it to support team-mates and cause problems for the opposition;

PSHE– Healthy Me

  • I know what to do to keep my body healthy
  • I understand how medicines work in my body and know how important it is to use them safely
  • I can sort food into the correct food groups and know which foods my body needs to keep me healthy
  • .

RE - Islam

  • I can identify wondrous things in the world and why it is important they are cared for
  • I can list ways I look after the natural world
  • I will know Muslims believe in one God (Allah) who created the world
  • I can compare how Muslims value the natural world and how this shows respect for God
  • I can list examples of Islamic beliefs about god
  • I can explain why submission to God is important to Muslim life
  • I can investigate where and how Muslims pray
  • I can share examples of how I show commitment and belonging
  • I can list people who I am grateful to and how I show this
Computing - Coding
  • Create and debug programmes using regular polygons using the repeat command / block
  • Draw shapes with spaces brtween using pen up and pen down
  • Change and alter pen settings
  • Draw regular polygons using logo to calculate the angle
  • Create and debug algorithms to draw patterns by repeating regular polygons



Files to Download

Year 2/3: Gallery items

Rocks and Soils, by Mrs Molloy

Year 2/3: Events items

Scholastic Book Fair, by Mrs Bolton

Parent Meetings, by Mrs Bolton

Parent Meetings, by Mrs Bolton