Year 2/3 2019 - 2020

Mrs Molloy

Science Co-ordinator
KS1 Class Teacher

Mrs Hopkinson


Miss Read

School Direct Student Teacher

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the YELLOW class! Our teacher is Mrs Molloy.
This half term we have lots of exciting things happening such as the dojo shop, using the active boards on the playground and our weekly attendance raffle. 
Key Information about Our Class:
  • PE is every Thursday with Mr Green and Tuesday with Mrs Molloy
  • Children should be heard read every night and bring their reading book to school every day
  • Homework will be set on a Monday and is due in on a Friday 

Have a look at what we are up to this half term ..

Geography – Allotment

  • I can name a range of natural resources from teh United Kingdom and identify whether they are biotic or abiotic
  • I can explain how biotic resources are grown
  • I will compare how bananas and water are stored once extracted
  • I will compare how food and water are processed and transported to countries around the world


DT – Allotment


  • Use the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes
  • Understand where food comes from

Science – Forces and Magnets

  • Know about and describe how objects move on different surfaces
  • Know how a simple pulley works and is used to make lifting an object simpler
  • Know how some forces require contact and some do not, giving examples
  • Know about and explain how objects attract and repel in relation to objects and other magnets
  • Predict whether magnets will attract or repel and give a reason

P.E. Dance

  • Use improvisation to be able to resplnd to a stimulus
  • Begin to understand the importance of warming up
  • Work cooperatively with a partner
  • Begin to identify areas of strengths and where they can improve
  • AdaCombine and link a small number of moves and patterns
  • Create fluent movements using precision and control

PSHE– Dreams and Goals

  • I can tell you about a person who has faced difficult challenges and achieved success
  • I can identify a dream / ambition that is important to me
  • I can recognise obstacles which might hinder my achievement and take steps to overcome them.

Enrichment Week - Tokyo 2020

  • Create Japanese kites
  • Design moving vehicles - make a vehicle to transfer athletes to the stadium
  • Learning about Japanese culture
  • Learning how to play a selection of Olympic sports.
Computing - Coding
  • Create and debug programmes using regular polygons using the repeat command / block
  • Draw shapes with spaces brtween using pen up and pen down
  • Change and alter pen settings
  • Draw regular polygons using logo to calculate the angle
  • Create and debug algorithms to draw patterns by repeating regular polygons



Files to Download

Year 2/3: Gallery items

Rocks and Soils, by Mrs Molloy

Year 2/3: Events items

Chinese New Year , by Mrs Bolton

E-Safety Day, by Mrs Bolton