Year 1/2/3 2019 - 2020

Mr Morgan

KS2 Teacher

Mrs Dand


Welcome to The Orange Class!

Mr Morgan and Mrs Dand are really excited to be teaching the Orange class and have a fantastic year full of interesting topics planned! We are currently looking at the topic of 'know your place' where we will be looking at our location and comparing it to other locations around the country.


We'll be using this website to share lots of information with children and parents, including galleries showcasing our learning, letters and calendar dates. 


Children will be looking at addition and subtraction with numbers up to 40 and numbers one more and one less up to 100 using the core power approach.


  • I can tell you ways that I am different and similar to other people in my class and why this makes us special
  • I can explain what bullying is and how being bullied might make someone feel


Children will be looking at a range of different fiction, non-fiction and poem texts using the Core Power literacy approach.



  • Geography

  • To know the four countries that make up the U.K and name the three main seas that surround the U.K.
  • Know which N.E.S.W is on a compass.
  • Know which the hottest and coldest season is in the U.K.
  • Know and recognise main weather symbols.
  • Know the main difference between a Liverpool city, Runcorn town and Halton village.
  • Know their address including postcode.
  • To know the different types of houses in Runcorn and say what they live in.






Using Materials

  • Know how to use IT to create a picture
  • Use a range of materials creatively.
  • Know how to use pencils to create lines of thickness in drawings.
  • Know the names of secondary and primary colours


  • Explain what went well and not so well in the piece of art they have created.

Science – Animals including humans

  • Know how to classify a range of animals by amphibian, reptile, mammal, fish and birds
  • Know and classify animals by what they eat (carnivore, herbivore and omnivore)
  • Know how to sort by living and non-living things
  • Know the name of parts of the human body that can be seen




  • Children will be looking at developing their computer skills.
  • Children will learn how to use a laptop and i-pad to record information effectively and be able to edit and save their own work.



  • Know the key parts of the Christmas story.
  • Know that Christians give each other gifts at Christmas to remember God giving them Jesus.
  • Begin to understand how Christians prepare for Christmas
  • Describe some of the ways Christians/people celebrate Christmas in their homes.

Files to Download

Year 1/2/3: Gallery items

Year 1/2/3: Events items

Non-Uniform Day, by Mrs Bolton

Christmas Fair, by Mrs Bolton

Infant Disco , by Mrs Bolton