Year 1/2/3 2019 - 2020

Mr Morgan

KS2 Teacher

Mrs Dand


Welcome to The Orange Class!

Mr Morgan and Mrs Dand are really excited to be teaching the Orange class and have a fantastic year full of interesting topics planned! We are currently looking at the topic of 'know your place' where we will be looking at our location and comparing it to other locations around the country.


We'll be using this website to share lots of information with children and parents, including galleries showcasing our learning, letters and calendar dates. 


Children will be looking at adding and subtracting numbers up to 100 as well as place value of numbers up to 100.


  • I understand thw difference between being healthy and unhealthy and know some ways to keep healthy.
  • I know how to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • I know how to keep myself clean and healthy and know how germs cause illness and disease.


Children will be looking at a range of different fiction, non-fiction and poem texts using the Core Power literacy approach.     

Historyy - Neil Armstrong

  • I will know who Neil Armstrong is.
  • I will know why Neil Armstrong is important.
  • I can list significant events from Neil Armstrong's life.
  • I can order events from Neil Armstrong's life on a timeline.
  • I can explain how space travel has changed from the past to the present.
  • I can list key space travel events that have occurred since Neil Armstrong.
  • I can describe international and national space travel achievements.
  • I can list what we have learnt from Neil Armstrong's achievements.
  • I can recount my knowledge and understanding of Neil Armstrong's life.



Art- Printing

  • I can identify the primary and secondary colours and create my own secondary colours.
  • i can use black and white paints to create tints.
  • I will know how Paul Klee uses pattern, colour and shape and annotate his work in his sketch book.
  • I can explore patterns on Paul Klee's art work and record it in my sketch book.
  • I can create myown print using pressing and stamping.
  • I can identify what i might change in myprint colour choice or pattern and use this to inform my future work.
  • I can create a piece of artwork in response to Paul Klee's artwork.


  • Name the seasons and know about the type of weather in each season.
  • observe changes across the four seasons




  • Understand what algorithms are.
  • open scratch app and create a new programme.
  • add new characters and background.
  • use blocks for movement for different directions.
  • create short sets of sequenced instructions
  • use different end blocks.

R.E Islam

  • I can identify wondrous things in the world and why it is important they are cared for.
  • I can list ways i look after thenatural world.
  • I will know Muslims believe in one God who created the world.
  • I can compare how Muslims value the natural world and how this shows respect for God.
  • I can explain why submission to God is important to Muslim life.
  • I can investigate where and how Muslims pray.
  • I can share examples of how i show commitment and belonging.
  • i can list people who i am grateful to and how i show this.

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Year 1/2/3: Gallery items

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Scholastic Book Fair, by Mrs Bolton

Parent Meetings, by Mrs Bolton

Parent Meetings, by Mrs Bolton